A competent and professional home inspection of the following common home systems will be checked for proper operation and safety:


 Structural Components (foundations, floors and walls),

 Exterior Components (siding paint, windows, decks, garage doors, etc.

 Roofing (coverings, flashings, chimneys, etc.),

 Plumbing (piping, fixtures, faucets, water heating and fuel storage systems, etc.),

 Electrical (wiring, main service panels, conductors, switches, receptacles, etc.),

 Heating (equipment, safety controls, distribution systems, chimneys, etc.),

 Air Conditioning and Heat Pumps (cooling and air-handling equipment, controls and ducting, etc.),

 Interior (partitions, ceilings, floors, railings, doors and windows, etc.),

 Insulation and Ventilation (attics, walls, floors, foundations, kitchen and bathrooms, etc.

 Radon Test

 Termite Inspection


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Precision Consultants

Septic Systems - If the home has a private septic system it should definitely be inspected by a professional septic contractor. Precision Consultants can arrange for a reputable septic inspector to do the inspection on the same day as your home inspection. A standard home inspection will not include this. Some inspectors will provide a limited (visual only) inspection by running a few faucets for about 20 minutes or about 180 gallons. This will surge the system with an unusual amount of water. The inspector can then look for signs of leakage or odors. Some inspectors will even put a dye into the system to aid in spotting leakage. If leakage is present, then the system is in failure. If an odor is noted but no leakage, this is a sign that the tanks may need to be pumped and further inspection is advised.



Oil Tanks - We can also refer you to a professional oil tank Company to test and sweep the oil tank if needed.




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1. Cracks in solid floors

2. Construction joints

3. Cracks in walls

4. Gaps in suspended floors

5. Gaps around service pipes

6. Cavities inside walls

7. The water supply


Not only do ASHI inspectors have experience in performing pre-purchase home inspections, many ASHI inspectors help homeowners with analysis and solutions of specific problems, such as wet basements, energy conservation and cracked foundations. ASHI inspectors are also frequently called in to review restoration and home improvement plans as well as maintenance specifications and contracts. They can also inspect work upon completion to ensure that a contract has been properly fulfilled. If you find that you are involved in litigation regarding contractual work performed on your house an ASHI member can provide expert witness testimony.