Why Inspect?


The growing demand for qualified information, public awareness and increased liability are some of the reasons to use a certified home inspector.  When purchasing a home, a home inspector can save you literally thousands of dollars.  People who have owned a home for several years have benefited through the home inspector's knowledge of maintenance, repairs and experienced eyes to avert potential problems. In many areas where disasters have occurred, homeowners have relied on inspectors to help them identify any damage resulting from storms, earthquakes, etc.


Precision Consultants

Home Inspection Specialists

The American Society of Home Inspectors, Inc., (ASHI), formed in 1976 as a non-profit voluntary professional society, has developed formal inspection guidelines, a professional code of ethics, and gives consumers and assurance of quality and professionalism. Members of ASHI are independent professionals who operate their own inspection services. Today ASHI, whose membership extends across the United States, is recognized nationwide as the leading authority in the home inspection field among inspectors and homeowners alike.

You can put your trust in Precision Consultants for an unbiased analysis of your future investment.